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I would like to promote and so am publishing my DATING PROFILE. The document is a Work in Progress and includes my ANTIGRAVITY CLAIM. It is Graphically Rich and includes my sexual preferences and desired traits in a mate:

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10 months ago - Translate - Youtube

Here's Aisha's Video on Free Energy. I picked the one with Spanish subtitles because it's affecting Latin America now

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I really need your help. I'm in a panic. How do we stop the wars? I may have the technology to help solve the problem but by the time I can purchase and develop everything many people will have lost their lives. I need the bankers help to elevate the cause of Free Energy so that there can be an alternative to war. I don't want this to go on any longer - it's gone too far. I feel so powerless and helpless to stop. I wish I had Free Energy done by now but it's everything I've dedicated myself to since I was a child. I've quit my job, spent all my discretionary income on it and yet it's still not enough. We need to call upon a higher power to resolve all of this because I am already doing everything in my power and it's still not enough. I've called upon the aliens, God, Jesus, Buddha, what else do we do?

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